An in-app tickr Forest?

If you didn’t already know, we plant a tree for every person that refers a friend to tickr :deciduous_tree:

We want to build a forest in your app. You’ll have your very own forest, with the number of trees you’ve planted in Indonesia through the tickr app!

This is still in the design process so any feedback we get can help shape our in-app tickr forest :grin:

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this looks cool! would be good if you could show impact in terms of carbon capture perhaps? e.g. 20kg / year of carbon sequestering?

Hey @michael! Glad to hear you say that as we have another mockup that included the carbon captured by the trees. We thought people might not have a total understanding of what 20kg / Carbon Sequestered actually translated to.

We had an idea about using air miles or another metric that people can visualise a bit easier, which do you think would be better?

hmm maybe something more every day than air travel would work well here and showing maybe 3 metrics. this calculator on website does this well.

here’s an illustration i cut together using their calculator and estimates on 20kg of carbon


Ah thanks hadn’t seen this converter before!

Which of the tiles (£20 tickr credit / number of total trees planted) would you swap out for the emissions tile? I like the phone charging converter as I haven’t seen that one used before :grin:

im biased but i think the £20 tickr credit can be given less prominence even. knowing you’ve done good for the planet > getting some cash credit.

and do people use the pounds metric in the UK often? again, just my biased views!

Yeah I’m the same to be honest, I’d rather have the impact stats showing prominently! So would

  • kg of carbon offset instead of pounds of carbon offset
  • number of phones charged conversion comparison
  • number of trees planted by the total tickr community

Longer term as well we want to add extra details about the project (One Tree Planted) and share the location of the tickr forest / let you go out of the app and into google maps / what3words :earth_africa:

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Loving the new feature! Though these numbers don’t look right. What’s behind the calculation?

Hey Michael,

It was super hard trying to find consistent carbon sequestering rates for trees.

In the end, we went for an estimate compiled by Trees for the Future (


This is consistent with the figure given to us by OneTreePlanted (the actual provider of our trees).

There were other estimates that were higher, but we thought best to go with a more conservative number on the spectrum. We welcome our numbers being challenged though!

Other things to bear in mind;

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On closer inspection @michael , looks like a developer implemented the wrong calculations here :fearful: . They should be as above. Luckily we have a release pending so this change will be live on Monday!

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really insightful to read, thanks!

Very welcome Michael. Those changes have been made now and should be available in the App Store on Monday :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, great idea love the mock up just wanted to put my 2cents in there if that’s ok.

I often find it more tangible when you sequester carbon with renewable energy projects such a community solar farm in India for a community hydro electric dam in Africa for instance.

I sometimes have an issue with using trees as a way to sequester carbon, as there are a lot of assumptions that need to come true for it to do so. For instance you are assuming the trees will be not cut down by illegal felling when they often are, we assume that the country’s government pay to protect them, which they do but not enough, so they aren’t properly protected, and it is also assumed that the right place and tree species is picked so it will grow well and not create more carbon due to environmental stressors. We also forget it takes a trees lifetime to sequester the carbon and each species does it differently. Unfortunately Indonesia is famous for Illegal deforestation due to palm oil.

That’s why generally renewable energy projects are a safer bet, there is vested interest to keep that project going as people want cheap clean energy, there is less of an immediate motivator to keep forests as they are in poorer countries in comparison.

James :slight_smile:

Hey James :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback - it’s really appreciated!

That’s a really good point. As I’m sure you know, the UN has a great website displaying all of the projects they have available:

I’ve been skeptical on the efficacy of tree planting carbon sequestering initiatives - I do agree that there are other ways more effective for reducing carbon emissions - we do have ideas in mind on implementing other forms of impact into the product in the near-future :slight_smile:

With that said, would more information and transparency on the projects? Our partner ONETREEPLANTED have a great website full of information on the projects they’re running around the world. Here’s the webpage for the Indonesia based efforts: - The focus they have is not only on Carbon sequestration but also on the impact tree planting has on communities living in the area, endangered species habitats and the benefits of young healthy fires in the prevention of wildfires!

They also have a short section on the multiple types of tree species they plant in the area, giving a good indication of the care they take when choosing the correct species for the environment they’re planting them in!

If you’re interested in reading more about their programs - they’ve got an annual report here too:

Do you think emphasising more of these impacts within the app alongside the carbon offsetting stats would help ease other’s concerns with the efficacy of tree-planting?