🍏 Apple Pay... Google Pay... Android Pay

If we offered Apple Pay or Google/Android/Samsung Pay, would you use it to fund your tickr account?

How often d’you use Apple Pay etc. in the shops and to pay for things in apps?

I myself couldn’t imagine using Uber or Deliveroo without Apple Pay…

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I’d use it almost exclusively! It would be way easier!

Are you an Apple or Android user Dan?

I found out recently it’s possible to do recurring payments with Apple Pay which is quite cool.

Android generally, but I try to be as platform agnostic as possible - interesting about the recurring payments!

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I use Apple Pay for literally everything lol… I actually it thrown when I go back to Devon to see family and they only take cash lol

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Me too!

Plus have you heard about the recent regulatory changes that mean some contactless transactions will be declined? https://www.altfi.com/article/5732_one-in-every-five-contactless-payments-now-blocked-due-to-new-european-rules

Luckily Apple/Google Pay are shielded from this because they are secure - even more reason to use Apple/Google Pay!