Availablity in Russia


I live in Russia and interested in using the Tickr app. But it looks like Google Play won’t allow me to install it. Is it at all possible to use it in Russia? If not, are you planning to make it available?

Thank you!

Hey @goodlight! Glad to hear that you’ve heard about tickr in Russia! I’m afraid we’re only available in the United Kingdom right now, but we are looking to expand out into Europe in 2020!

In terms of plans for launching the App in Russia, I’m afraid that isn’t something we’ve thought about yet so I wouldn’t be able to say. Thanks for being interested anyway!

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Thank you for the reply, Rob!

Great to know you are expanding!

You should think about Russia, I’m sure there would be many people who interested in investing with you

Have a great day! :sunny:

No worries!

Glad to hear, have a great day too :grin: