Clarification on fees

Hey, apologies, I asked this question a while ago but I think I posted it in the wrong place so making a dedicated topic.
I just wanted to double check something regarding fees.
Am I correct in thinking that each key investor doc inside of a theme equals a separate fee?
So for example, the Climate Change theme currently contains Green Bonds, Government Bonds, Clean Energy and Global water.
So that would be 4 fees on top of the platform fee (each having a different % fee).
I was put off choosing the Combo theme because there were way more investor docs for that one, so I assumed the total fee would shoot up as a result.

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Hi Mark :wave:

Thank you for your question!

The underlying fees you are charged for Clean Energy, Global Water etc would only be charged on the value of the holdings in that specific ETF. E.g. If you had ยฃ100 invested overall in your tickr portfolio and ยฃ20 of it was invested in Clean Energy. The underlying fund charges for that specific ETF would only be charged on the ยฃ20 you hold within it. It wouldnโ€™t accumulate. :smile:

These ETF fees are charged by the ETF manager and are commonplace across investing. These are not charged by us on top of our platform fee.

Does this help?



Ah, I see! So if I did switch from the Environment to the Combo theme, itโ€™s not that iโ€™d be paying more money in fees due to the increased amount of ETFs, itโ€™s that my money would be more spread.
So there would be an increased number of fees but the cost would be less for each ETF.
I hope that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly! So following on from the example above, if you had ยฃ15 invested in Clean Energy you would be charged less than if you had ยฃ20 invested. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Just be aware that how much the ETF manager charges can vary slightly depending on the ETF, how well it is performing etc. :smile: This is typically c.0.3%.

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