Divestment: Organisations ditching fossil fuel investments


Jesuits in Britain announced plans to fully divest its £400m equity portfolio from fossil fuels before the end of the year, by screening out companies which derive more than 10 per cent of their business from coal, oil, and gas.

Royal Collage of Psychiatrists also following suit and saying it would now “only invest in companies that follow good environmental, social and governance policies and practices”.

Great news for us :+1:


Great article @Ben! Looks like they have already ditched 50% from their assets already so not just an empty pledge

(also I hadn’t realised the next COP would be in Glasgow - saw in the article it discussed in the middle!)

We are now using our financial assets to invest in innovative, responsible companies making a positive impact in terms of the UN Sustainable Development Goals” - Calum Mercer, director of finance and operations at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Words we live by too! :raised_hands:

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