Feature request - Tickr Total Breakdown

The ability to see a breakdown of your total amount would be great!
For example, I can see that the performance is up on almost all of my sub themes but my total has decreased.
So i’m assuming it’s a fee which has lowered my amount?
Would be very handy to see a breakdown of charges and dividend gains.
(Using an android device, maybe this exists for Apple already?)

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Hey @markw! :smiley:

Adding clarity to the breakdown of our user’s investment portfolios is a high priority for us right now and we’re working on a few ways of improving that (I’ve added a few screenshots of some features we’re hoping to bring out in the next few months)!

It’s hard to tell without specifics, but generally the reason why your investments performance looks different to the sub-theme graphs can be dependent on when you started investing and the frequency. If you invest in January then you’d have had the same/similar returns as the graphs. If you invested throughout the year you’re not guaranteed to have had such a good time over the last year.

Clarification on fees

^^this thread has some details on fees incase you’re interested on finding out what the 0.7% management fee relates to.

Would these breakdowns help at all or were you looking for something else/ more @markw ?

Any other questions let me know :slight_smile:

And another image here too:

Hi Rob,

I can see those screenshots are on iOS - my app on Android looks completely different! It would be good to see the split between value/deposited. Is this coming to Android anytime soon?

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Hey @Danjcb - Good spot! These are mockups from our Product Designer (and not yet in either iOS or Android apps). We have this as a big priority for our dev team at the minute.

We’ve just released Featured Companies on Android last night (if you tap on the doughnut on the dashboard you’ll be able to see some great info on the impacts of companies). :chart_with_upwards_trend:

The next thing for Android will likely be a Projection Calculator - to help give you an idea of how much an investment can become over 20-30 years.

After that we’re looking at sharing past performance data for the different ETFs (or funds) that we invest in. Alongside this we want to show the clearly the split between value and deposited. Our Product Manager @toby would tell me off if I gave you a release date… but I think I can say in the next 2-3 months without getting in trouble! :slight_smile:

Just to reiterate, the iOS app doesn’t look like the screenshots either - we just normally start product design on iOS then adapt it for android after :smiley:

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Cheers Rob!
Yea, that’s exactly what I had in mind. Looking forward to it!