Gilead Sciences | Fighting the Coronavirus

One of our companies in the tickr portfolio is helping fight the coronavirus - sounds from initial tests that they have found a drug that is reducing symptoms in patients affected!

They featured in one of these articles here:

and a few more articles here:


This is good news! Will there be a place in the app where these stories are summarised? Maybe even as basic as a weekly email?

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Hey @michael absolutely, the World Economic Forum released a video on LinkedIn earlier today providing some more details on the spread of the virus, with early mortality estimates around 2% (with 80% being over the age of 60) - it’s hard to tell whether the media is making this seem worse than it is.

β€œWill there be a place in the app where these stories are summarised?”

Yes! As part of a dashboard redesign we’ll be building this year to help make it easier for first-time investors to view their entire tickr platform, we’ll be adding a newsfeed with the latest impact news from companies in the tickr portfolios! :calling:

^^ These were some of the early stage mockups for the Impact Newsfeed a while back - it’ll need some adjustments but gives a good idea about how it will be shared in the app

(Hope you enjoyed the event on Wednesday btw! :grinning: )

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