Graph Improvement

I know this has been brought up, but wondering if you guys were going to change this anytime? Would be great if you could add markers on the graph like “this is where you invested £100” at points where is jumps up, and a marker on this is the highest point your investment was worth at this date.

It would also be great if you could filter the increments by theme, so if you are invested into the combo theme then, maybe clicking on one of them would show the same graph information but just for that part of your investment. Would be great to see the individual history in more detail :slight_smile:

Many Thanks

Hey James, good to hear from you :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re undertaking a big project to solve this, but I’m afraid it won’t be ready for a few months yet.

More information on performance, and underlying transactions is heavily requested so we’re going to get to work on it soon.

Here’s what it might look like for an early version;

What do you think @James?

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Love the look of that!

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:scream: that looks amazing! Everyone loves a great graph :slight_smile: and displays all the info I’d want to see.