Having different portfolios/funds in the app?


Excuse me if this is super obvious. I just downloaded the app and put my first little investment into a pot. I tried to find out how the investment works exactly and couldn’t find the right information.

How are the stocks selected in both the GIA and the ISA, and what are the respective benefits of each?

Also, is it possible to have more than one portfolio on the app? Say I’d want to have a high risk climate change GIA and a low risk ISA in disruptive tech for example.


Hey :wave:

How it works is you choose to open an ISA or a GIA with tickr. In short, an ISA is tax-free up to £20,000 per year. We have an article about this here if you want more information!

We don’t currently have the ability to have more than one investment account (GIA or ISA), or be invested in more than one theme. This is something we have been looking into. Some users have said they’d like the ability to mix and match sub-themes. What would you like to see? :smile:

Oh and here’s a video of how our portfolios work -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioDTem_u3fM


Hey TJ,


I’d love to be able to open more than one investment account, in order to be invested in different areas without having a single diversified account. That would be great!

I think the suggestion of mixing and matching sub-themes is great, so that users have more control over their investments.

On the “Overview” graphic, it would be great to have the actual percentages next to the colour key as well. Just to make things a little clearer.


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Hey Tom,

Do you have any updates about when these kinds of things might be rolled out, and what the benefits would be of having different portfolios in tickr. At the moment, what’s to stop people having separate ISAs or GIAs across multiple platforms if they want to diversify more?


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Hey Ross :wave:

Toby here, PM at tickr! We’re not really sure exactly when we might roll this functionality out, but it’s a common question we get.

I think there’s a couple reasons we get this question;

  1. People feel that if they can invest in more things, they are more diversified. This might be true, but by investing in any of the tickr themes, you gain exposure to around 500 global companies. That would generally be considered good diversification! I don’t think there would necessarily be any great benefit in having 4 different portfolios within tickr
  2. People just want to have more control over what they invest in. We totally get this one. For example I might want to invest in Clean Energy, but not in Ageing Population. It would be quite cool to create a fully custom portfolio and adjust the ratios of each sub-theme.

You might want to be able to have both an ISA and a GIA in tickr if you were in the fortunate position of having filled up your £20,000 ISA Tax allowance for the year.

In summary, we’re still trying to understand why people want these things - it’s still in discovery :slight_smile:. It’s very commonly requested though so I would expect us to address it at some point this year.

Hope this answers your question!

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It does! Thanks for getting back to me with a proper answer! If anything I’m more reassured to just have the 1 fund, but I think more control within that fund would be good to have.