How is NuVasive Ltd helping the world address the 5 billion people without access to surgery? 🏥 [Video]


The global population is ageing rapidly. By 2040, the worldwide population aged 60+ is expected to more than double, reaching almost 2 billion people. An ageing population has consequences for the types of services and care that people need. :older_man::older_woman:


Our Ageing Population theme invests in companies that are addressing the growing needs of the world’s ageing demographic. There are a range of companies within the theme, from healthcare companies focusing on diseases such as Alzheimer’s, to real estate companies focusing on housing for the elderly.


  • 5 Billion People Lack Access to Surgery :bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette:

The impact of surgical intervention is unlike any other health intervention. Surgery can cure 1/3 of all human illness and disease and can almost immediately change a person’s life.

In chronically underfunded health systems, surgical care is ignored and widely inaccessible to the poor. Local facilities lack appropriate supplies and equipment. Medical professionals do not have training in the latest techniques. Few can afford the high cost of surgery. :syringe::pill:

Patients often arrive at our centre desperate for a solution. They have tried every avenue imaginable, but surgical care is dauntingly unavailable in their country. The impact of our work is immediately apparent when patients leave our facility—not only physically healed but with a renewed sense of hope for the future. :microscope:

The Innovative Surgical Equipment:

X360 is a comprehensive approach to lateral single-position surgery that leverages advanced techniques and technologies to deliver patient specific-care while enhancing workflow and efficiency.

  • Reduce Operation time by up to 60 minutes
  • Save nearly $5,000 per patient in hospital costs
  • Enhance workflow and efficiency

Giving Back - The NuVasive Spine Foundation :bulb:

‘Giving Back’ to communities around the world :hospital:

  • 1050 Patient Surgeries
  • 500 Hours Spent Training Local Surgeons
  • 30 + Countries Supported :ambulance:
  • Provided $23million in mission trip funding, NuVasive products & services

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