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A lot of our early investors said they’d have really appreciated more information on their tickr investments. We’ve decided to share the tickr process and our investment options in this topic today!

This Topic provides:

  • A list of every one of our ETF s (Exchange Traded Fund) we provide.
  • A link to a PDF of each KIID ( Key Investor Information Document)
  • A link to the investment providers fund fact sheet on their website (so you can search up each specific company you can invest in).

If you’re not sure what a fact sheet , KIID or an ETF is, we’ve provided an explanation of each at the bottom of this topic. :point_down:

The Stocks & Shares :bar_chart:

Your investment will be split across each sub-theme, and spread across a large number (50+) different companies on the stock market , that are producing a positive impact related to the sub-theme.

**Disruptive Tech :robot::gear::satellite:

Automation & Robotics (KIID) - The Automation & Robotics Fund includes companies that focus on the development of automatic and robotic technology. Find out more here (ETF fact sheet).

Cyber Security - This fund is Europe’s first cyber security ETF providing investors with a simple, liquid and cost effective way to gain access to this high growth and rapidly evolving megatrend. Find out more here.

Digitalisation - This ETF tracks the performance and selects companies that have digitally focused services. Find out more on the iShares website.

**Climate Change :earth_americas:

Global Clean Energy - The Global Clean Energy fund tracks the 30 largest companies in the clean energy sector globally. Find out which companies you’re invested in here.

Global Water - The Global Water Fund tracks the 50 of the biggest companies engaged in water related businesses. Read more here.

Equality :man::hospital::woman:

Healthcare Innovation - In this sub-theme, companies that are focused on pushing the boundaries of healthcare and medical treatment are included. Find out more.

Ageing Population - The Ageing Population fund aims to include companies generating ‘significant revenues’ from the growing needs of the world’s ageing population. You can find out which companies are included here.

Diversity & Inclusion - The Fund seeks to track performance consisting of approximately 100 companies ranked based on their Diversity, Inclusion, People Development and News Controversies values. Find out more here.

Gender Equality - Our Gender Equality sub-theme is packaged with an ETF from Lyxor. You can find this on their website (the ETF is quite difficult to actually look at - so if you need help just email us!) .


Green Bonds - A green bond is a bond specifically to be used for climate and environmental projects. Look a the KIIDs here.

Global Government Bonds - You can learn more about the bond on the iShares website. A government bond is issued by a national government, generally with a promise to pay periodic interest payments called coupon payments. The aim of government bonds is to support government spending.


A Key Investor Information Document (KIID) provides key information about an investment fund. The reason they exist is to help any potential investor compare the different funds they might want to choose, and allows them to assess whether the fund is what they want.

They outline important information about the fund, including:

  • The objective of the investment
  • The risk & reward profile
  • Associated charges
  • Historical performance

The Factsheet

An ETF fact sheet can be a quick way to tell what’s going on in an ETF and how the fund is spread across multiple assets. A quick look at the Global Water fact sheet shows that the ETF holds stock in 30 companies, while the Global Clean Energy consists of approximately 50.

The ETFs

An exchange-traded fund is an investment fund that holds a number of assets, and is traded on stock exchanges. The ETFs tickr provide include multiple companies in each fund under a particular ‘theme’. ETFs offer both tax efficiency as well as lower transaction and management costs than trading or some other forms of investing.

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Thanks for taking the time to read up on your investment options with us at tickr!

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