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Hello there :wave:

I’m TJ and I look after the Help page on tickr tribe!

I joined tickr because they are one of the rare companies that combine profit with purpose. We need to take a new radical approach to how we tackle environmental/social issues and I feel this can only be done by shifting global stock markets towards impact investing! :earth_americas:

Our help page is here if you have any queries, bugs, hints, tips, feedback or any questions whatsoever! Our tribe is here to help :muscle:

Hi Tom. Taking a look around as promised :eyes:

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Thanks David!

Let me know what you think of our videos :video_camera:

When will the next Android Update be available?

Hey Jordan :wave:

Our latest version of the Android app was released earlier this morning. Nothing major, just a few bug fixes.

Our next big release for Android will be coming very soon, this will have an updated sign-up flow for new users and adding our new Roundups feature… :smile:

You’ll be able to link your bank account so that any purchases you make will round up and will then be invested into your tickr account.

Are there any features you would like to see in the app?

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