Orica Ltd - Explosive Diversity 🧨

Orica Ltd

Orica is the world’s largest provider of commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems to the mining, quarrying and more markets, and a specialist provider of ground support services in mining and tunnelling.

Their commitment to the safety, health and wellbeing of our people and customers, the environment, and the communities in which we operate underpins everything we do.

Their mission is clear. Safety is the priority. Always.

The Stats

  • Women in Senior Management 21% in 2018, 25% target for 2020 :woman_astronaut:
  • Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Senior Leadership 53% of senior leadership roles are held by individuals with ethnic/cultural backgrounds :earth_africa:
  • Ethical and Compliance Risk Mitigation Plans 100% of mitigation plans in place for identified high risk countries :shield:

The Company

Whilst an explosives company sounds counter to protecting the environment, the practices and extraction of ores and minerals are vital for sustaining our population (How else would we make solar panels or wind farms?!) :firecracker:

The company invested heavily in MCI, focused on developing technologies to permanently and safely capture carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions - They’re making great advancements in the technology which once designed can help the wider global planet safely store other forms of carbon emissions! :package: