Our First tickr User Event - September

Hey everyone :smiley:,

Thanks again for coming to our event this September.

It was amazing seeing everyone together, hearing the different reasons why you started investing and why you chose to do so with tickr

We’ve got a ton of photos to share from the event and I wanted to give a quick recap of the main stuff we covered in the Q&A session at the end :rocket:

What do we do at tickr that you love:

  • We’re showing you that investing is simple and not just for the financial industry
  • Made the process of setting up an investment account extremely easy
  • Helped show you that you can earn money and have a positive impact, at the same time

What we need to do better

  • Give you more updates and information on what we’re working on at tickr! :white_check_mark:
  • Providing you with more investing tips in an easy to watch way (Video Content!) :movie_camera:
  • More features and functionality in the app to see your investment and how it’s doing :fist_right:

From all of us at the event from tickr, we do want to say a genuine thank you for attending and giving us a ton of real feedback on what we’re doing well / what we can improve on.

On Friday we’ll be emailing our entire user base an end of month update to share with you all the stuff we’ve been working on and some more information on future, upcoming events.

The Event

Here are some of the best snapshots from the event!

FYI - We’ll have a 1-minute video from the event and more photos on here in the next week or so!

Like we said at the event, our mission is to change the investment industry. To make investing accessible to everyone and to make it easy for everyone to save money for their future. Everything you told us about at the event was listened to and has led to us focusing on what we’re producing to give our investors a great first-time experience.

  • We’re going to be hosting monthly investing education events - discussing the best practices and tips that a typical investor uses to make sure they’re saving for their future
  • More updates from us on what we’re working on
  • More features in the app to give you a better experience (think more functionality, impact stats, better visualisation on your investment performance)!

If you’re interested in attending our next event called ‘Everything you need to know to get started investing’, send me an email at rob@tickr.co.uk. I’ll send you an invite to our event once we have the page ready (it’s going to be on Wednesday the 30th of October!).

Thanks again,