Pensions and Tickr

Is the main difference between my workplace pension pot with Aviva and Tickr, the way in which Tickr invests through ETFs? And Aviva would be using the standard shares portfolio?

No idea if I used the terminology correct there but hopefully you get what I mean lol

Thanks, James

Hi James, hope you’re well! :grin:

There’ll be a few differences between your tickr account and your Aviva pension, such as the benefits or restrictions of each account type.

For example, your pension will have different tax relief compared to a tickr ISA or SIPP. Aviva will most likely pay contributions into your work place pension gross of tax (i.e. the money will be added to your pension before tax is taken). So you’d be getting more for your money compared with contributions to an ISA or GIA, which will be paid out of your own money after your income has been taxed. The different account types also offer different allowances (the amount you can contribute to the account) and there could be restrictions on when you can access your money. You can’t access the money in your pension until you reach retirement age; whereas you can withdraw from your tickr ISA/GIA at any age.

There’ll also be differences in the underlying investments of your Aviva pension compared to your tickr account. Unfortunately we don’t know the investments which Aviva have used for you, but there is a plethora of investments available on the market and Aviva will probably have access to a vast amount of these.

Investments can come in all shapes and sizes and they can be set up differently depending on the type of investment. For example Aviva could have you invested in individual shares in a company, funds known as open-ended investment companies (also known an OEICs) or unit trusts; or they may even have access to ETFs like we do.

In addition, there’ll be a selection of hundreds or thousands of each investment type which invest your money in different companies, continents, assets classes etc. For example, there’s a large amount of different ETFs available on the market but we chosen only a few to include in our Climate Change Theme: one for Clean Energy, one for Global Water, one for Green Bonds and one for Government Bonds. tickr only offers ETFs in our Themes and we choose ETFs which include companies contributing positively to the environment and society.

I hope this helps but as ever just give us a shout if you have any more questions!

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Lauren :wave:

(P.s. We have tickr SIPPs in the works - so watch this space!)

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Thank you that was really helpful, kinda makes sense there are loads of investment brokers out there given the thousands of ways you can do to :slight_smile:

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