Performance Graph Improvement 📈

Hey tickr tribe!

Sharing the graph improvements we’ve added to the product here for people to discuss! (FYI - this is only the first change of many we have planned, but we thought it was important to get out into the world for all our users this week ASAP).

Please share your thoughts and any other recommendations you have! :rocket:


Hey would love to know what further improvements there is planned for the performance graph. At the moment it’s pretty shocking, as you can’t even see the ROI over time

@rob haven’t trawled through any other comments yet but I see this missing in freetrade for example as well. The amount gained is great but is there demand to see % gains from deposited cash. I.e. Deposited £1000 over time and instead of seeing gains as a value in £ we see them as a percentage gain? If that makes sense.

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@neilarch I agree this would be nice to see as I have to manually calculate the increase based on deposits.

I think the difficulty is that typically I am making monthly contributions which would dilute the % increase from the original deposit. For example if I put £1,000 as my original deposit and it grew by 7% over the month I would now have £1,070 (ex fees). If I then placed in another £1,000 in the second month that growth would have dropped from 7% directly to 3.5% as I have doubled the initial deposit even though 50% of the fund did not benefit from the previous months growth.

I am sure there is a economic method for this calculations, but I don’t think its as simple to have a straight formula based on growth / total contributions.

Perhaps a end of month statement would be a better option that would show total fund growth for the month along with deposits and withdraws.

You’re right that’s a great point. As you said I’m sure there’s a better metric and monthly/quarterly reports would be useful. Would love a push notification to alert me on this too. @toby as a product idea perhaps could gleam insight on whether this has been requested or thought of before.

I would love to see an ROI ticker also! I also use Trading 212 and it’s graph is great:


Never even seen this comment but that would be exactly what I’d expect/like to see too @Mcdonemi :heavy_plus_sign::one:

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