Product Update: Debit Cards = faster investments! 💸

Move over slow Direct Debits… we’ve just introduced speedy Debit Cards for all iOS users as a way to top-up your tickr account instantly! Top-ups made using a Debit Card will charge your bank account instantly, and as a result be invested into the market much faster.

How do I get started with faster top-ups?

To give faster top-ups a go; download the latest iOS app, head to Manage Payment Methods in the settings and add a Debit Card! You just need to add your 16 digit card number, and CVV.

Adding a Debit Card will replace any Direct Debits you currently have - but trust us, you won’t regret it!

Can I add multiple cards?

You bet. Make it rain :umbrella::dollar:

Hi, very good on the new features, although I cannot acess them on my android, anything I have to do? Cheers, keep up the good work, Bruno

Hey Bruno, thanks so much! Android is a tiny bit behind iOS at the moment, we’re working hard to bring all of this functionality to Android too! We’ve just hired another Android developer to help us get there quickly :running_man:‍♂. Should be about another month or so :grinning:

What else do you want see in the app Bruno?

Hi,all the features that were mentioned on iOS seem great, I personally would like to know how much money I invested and next to it the current value, the rest is great and I am glad to be on board .
Best regards

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Bruno we’ll be sharing something for you soon that answers this question. Watch this space :eyes:

and p.s. we’re glad to have you!