Product Update: Referrals 🌳

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but tickr referrals give you both MONEY and TREES!

I’ll explain…

We just released tickr Referrals on iOS and Android!

What do I get for referring a friend?

  • You get £5 tickr credit, they get £5 tickr credit
  • We’ll also plant a tree for you, and for them! :deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree:

How are you planting trees?

For every friend you refer, we’ll pay for to plant a tree in both your names! We’re hoping one day that with the help of our users, we’ll have a tickr forest to call our own.

How do I refer a friend?

  1. Head to your settings tab (you might need to update your app first)
  2. Hit “Refer a friend”
  3. Copy your code or share it with a friend
  4. They just need to tap “I’ve been referred by a friend” when they register their account on the iOS or Android app
  5. Once they’ve setup a One-off, or a Monthly Top-up, we’ll add £5 to both of your accounts AND start the process of planting trees for both of you!

Get sharing, and let’s build this tickr forest!

Oh, by the way, between you and me, if you use the code in the image below, you’ll get £10! :zipper_mouth_face:

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