Round Ups! Is there a way to monitor these within the app?


Is there any way to monitor how much the round-ups are contributing to the fund per month within the app? It would be great to see that feature. At the moment the round-up accumulates visibly and then disappears. It would be nice to have a message or something letting you know how much you’d invested via round-ups each month for instance, or have your total investment split between “Invested” and “Round-Up Contributions” perhaps.


Hey Ross,

Great idea. You can see your Round-ups payments in the Transactions section, but I agree it could and should be way clearer.

We’ll be revisiting the “homepage” of the app in the not too distant future, and we came up with something like this;

What do you think?

We’d also really like to show you your individual Round-ups transactions in the app (i.e. £0.42 rounded up at Boots, £0.60 at Starbucks etc).