Seek Ltd, disrupting recruitment through digitalisation and education. 📟 [Video]


Here’s the extra information from all our research!

SEEK started out as one of Australia’s first online job sites and has evolved into a multinational business helping tens of millions of people and hundreds of thousands of organisations. :world_map:

Across the entire SEEK Group, they have relationships with:

Over 150 million candidates and 700,000 hirers;

  • 190 million candidate relationships

  • 900,000 hirer relationships

  • Exposure to 2.9 billion people :woman_technologist::man_technologist:

  • 10,000 online education students :man_student::woman_student:

Abolishing Gender Biases in the hiring process:

SEEK’s hiring practices remain focused on selecting the best person for the job based on merit, and therefore in areas where female candidates are under-represented this often requires additional effort to search broadly and extensively to achieve this goal. :female_detective:

The Software Development Program that boosted women in tech by 22%

Their focus on improving gender representation last year also included actively encouraging female candidates to attend their Software Development Graduate Program assessment days. 60% of hires across the two assessment days were women, increasing the overall number of women in technology roles across the ANZ business by 22%. :woman_astronaut:

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Bias on job applications/candidates is a HUGE issue. (another hiring platform) do this well. There’s a “reduce bias” mode, when you turn it on, it removes all names, all pictures and replaces their name with their initials