SIPP Update and ISA

Any update on when SIPP may launch? Is the plan for ppl to be able to hold both SIPP and ISA at the same time??

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Hey Tom

SIPPs should be done in the 2nd half of this year. And yes, you’ll be able to hold a SIPP, any other account type, and even multiple accounts.

Stay tuned for the exact timing of the release from us.

Thank you

Any more news on SIPP release? I have a pension I want to give you😀

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Interested in this myself any update guys?

Hey @Tommy0t0, @zasker55 thanks for sharing your interest!

In short, adding a SIPP offering to the tickr platform is 100% on our radar and is something we are thinking about adding in the near future, but we aren’t able to give a clear timeline on when that’ll be.

Appreciate your patience on the release, it’ll be worth the wait! :smiley: :rocket: