SunRun ๐ŸŒž Decentralised Energy


Build solar panels for houses to take importance off delivering energy through long power lines and place it on renewable energy (which has their own problems!) :sun_with_face:

By generating and storing energy in our homes, we can share power across neighbourhoods and our entire energy system. We have been building this future for over a decade, and every year it grows brighter

The Stats

  • 74% of Americans think we should use solar โ€œas much as possibleโ€
  • Offset the equivalent of 4.1 Billion lbs. of coal burned due to people installing solar panels on the roofs of their homes
  • Saved households over $300 million in electricity costs.

The Company - Impact Story

Proposed Solution for California Wildfires Californiaโ€™s devastating wildfires are becoming more common and destructive, and will continue to threaten our countryโ€™s people and energy systems. At a minimum, increased penetration of home solar and batteries may help prevent sagging lines that may spark in vegetation and cause wildfires. When high power flows through the lines, they can heat up and sag. :fire:

Moreover, home solar and batteries can enable customers to continue to have power when the utility is forced to de-energize the lines frequently during high winds. :house_with_garden:

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Really interesting video guys.

Just to add to that I agree the world needs to decentralise energy production with micro-renewables but i donโ€™t think we will move totally into decentralisation. I think it will be more about micro prosumers (homes producing energy) and exporting their energy to the grid supplementing a national grid system when homeowners donโ€™t need to use the energy they are producing.

I think the future will need to be a mix between industrial scale renewables and micro-renewable made commonplace in homes; with the ability for smart home systems to dynamically export and import using home battery systems and national industrial battery systems.

Really interesting area; which is really taking off in the industry I work in. Plus this all really needs to happen ASAP as we are already feeling affects of climate change and it will only get worse.

James :slight_smile:
Energy and Climate Change Consultant

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Hey James :wave:,

Iโ€™d never considered the emphasis on prosumers, people that supplement the grid. Iโ€™d assume that it would be much easier to convince people of buying decentralised energy products if they were able to generate money from selling electricity back?

Agree it needs both, you can see thatโ€™s how a lot of companies are gearing towards - Tesla made a big leap acquiring SolarCity which Iโ€™m sure a lot of people didnโ€™t realise the potential for it long-term.

Yeah, if you havenโ€™t already seen the latest charts, even last year we hit the highest carbon emissions ever - still a long way to go!

Rob :smiley: