Teaser roadmap 2020?

Like any new service I sign up with it’s really interesting getting an idea of what direction the company is going. Any chance of a 2020 ‘This is what we’d love to do’ sneak peak?
As with any stakeholders, setting expectations is minefield so understand not revealing anything makes sense but as a customer I love a good glimpse into the future. :eyes:


Hey Neil, LOVE the question. Great idea. Everyone loves a (non-committal) glimpse into the future :grinning:

We’ll get something written up for you and the community in the coming weeks!


I mean no pressure just for me but I know others would also love the idea! :wink:


Would love to see something!

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Is there any update on this?

Sorry for being a big fat liar.

At tickr we are very objectives driven which means what we decide to build can change fairly quickly in order to best meet those objectives.

That said I can definitely put something together soon that includes some of our big ticket releases and objectives this year!

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Sounds good, thanks for getting back to us!