Tickr try-outs 🧐: (Extra) Dark Mode!

Okay so… It’s kind of cheating because our background is already very dark…

But we’re playing with the idea introducing what we’re calling “(Extra) Dark Mode”

What it might look like

How does it work?
If you’re on the new iOS 13 and your phone has native Dark Mode enabled, then it will adopt the Extra Dark Mode. Or if you want to switch back to the dark blue, you can just manage it in the settings.


What d’you guys think?


Love it! iOS 13 is all about the dark mode and just waiting for all my apps to follow suit :slight_smile:

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Brand new to community and the app as of yesterday but the app is looking great and really impressed. Look forward to equal rights for Android users soon too! :muscle:

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Awesome, welcome @neilarch!

Android team is working super hard. We just released Referrals on Android, and the ability to create and edit your Monthly Top-up!

Much more to come.

What do you want to see us add to the apps in general?

@toby haven’t had too much time to have any real criticism but not quite sure the purpose of the clickable chart here. It just raises each of the segments on click but that’s it as far as I can see. Should it give insights into the category I’ve clicked? This is probably a separate thread tbh…

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Hey @neilarch

The plan is to make this tappable and take you to the relevant sub-theme page - I’ll get this prioritised for you!

Sounds slick! Thanks :+1:

Hey @neilarch if you download 2.1.7, you can now tap on the donut :sunglasses:. See you tomorrow?

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Works great! I still have trouble differentiating the similar colours though. Different shades of purple and blues is hard to distinguish.
And yea see you tomorrow :ok_hand: