Up to date KIIDs and Fee data


Just ran some code over the top of your themes and noticed every single KIID is out of date.

Here’s a table of your updates and the links to the latest KIIDs for your database

Some listed above will also be out-of-date very soon as the rules suggest providers need to update KIIDs under certain conditions or “at least annually”. So a lot of iShares updates coming soon.

All easily navigated uing the (magic) finki document API - allowing you to query an ISIN and get the latest/live KIID fed back to you with costs and charges data automatically OCR’d out of the pdf and displayed in easy to consume JSON format. Hello@finki.io if you want more info.



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Thanks @finki for sharing! We’re aware there’s new KIIDs that we’ll be uploading into our app very shortly. The Customer Support Team have been working on it behind the scenes this month! :smiley:

The ‘trick’ is staying on top of it.

So many platforms display wrong KIIDs and data points thereby somewhat rendering the regulation null and void as retail consumers are not getting accurate data pre sale.

When KIIDs get revised under various conditions - and without notice or notification - how do you ensure you have the latest document and the latest fees displayed?

Manually searching and updating is nonsense when you scale up.

You ‘could’ buy an expensive feed from a vendor … but guess what? They’re often late/wrong/missing! Surprised? I can prove it. It’s why I built Finki. Direct from managers website and/or EMT, on the fly, parsed and served as an API on request. Magic.

Save your customer support team the hard work… :grinning:

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Not sure this ever happened, did it?

Hey Rob, we didn’t manage to implement this properly but just manually grabbed the most recent KIIDs from the endpoint you prepared for us. Thanks so much for your help :smiley:

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