Video preview - What is impact investing


We keep going on & on about impact investing & how it is a better way to invest. But as the brand manager of tickr, I worry that people don’t really get what it is, therefore they don’t fully get what we do :thinking:

Do people who read about us really understand how impact investing differs from Ethical & ESG investing? I decided we needed to explain it better. So I came up with this video that Matt the co-founder of tickr improved upon & featured in.

Let me know what you think of the video & what else we could do to help people understand the meaning of impact investing :deciduous_tree::earth_africa:


a great intro! I already know the distinctions so probably not the best person to provide feedback on how to make it clearer but I wonder if having some case companies here (one company for each category) helps or not? I understand need to have timeless content so maybe not mentioning company names is a +ve


Hi Michael!
Sorry for the late reply & thank you for your feedback!

In regards to your timeless content point - I fully agree & that is why we didn’t include company names in this video. It was meant to be more of an intro to Impact Investing that we could put on all our platforms & leave them there for a while. Having said that, we could do a follow-up video that does give company names & explains why we consider Tesla an impact company, for example, but not Coca Cola. That might help explain it better?

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Hi Karishma!
Love the video. I had no idea what impact investing meant and how different it was to other types of investments or portfolios a year ago so I believe this video explains it very well!

I know it might sound very trivial but I wonder depending on who the audience is if there is also a need to demystify further the word investing? I really like the intro with the dual purpose and financial return aspect and at the same time I don’t know if it is still a bit daunting for newbies to investment.
It would be great to see them explain what they understand from it indeed.

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Hi Aurelie,

Thank you for your msg :slightly_smiling_face:

You have a very valid point & it’s not trivial at all! Our goal is to educate & make investing accessible so we don’t want to come across as daunting - far from it! This is very useful feedback which helps me think about what new content to create & what language to use next time.

I’m currently planning new informal, fun & educational videos for Instagram stories/TikTok. I will make sure to take both yours & @michael’s feedback onboard when writing these. If you have any ideas of content you think we should create that we currently are not, then please do send it my way as well!

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Yep, those examples would work well!

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